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  1. Ah I see! Thats cool. Lots of people from your group still playing? Thank you! I will think about going on one day. Ill be sure to send you a message if I do. You too!
  2. You don't know how much these messages put a smile on my face. Thank you for your kind words Many good wishes on your goals as well!
  3. @Edgie Wow! you're still playing? Thank you for worrying but everything was fine where I live, it hit more towards the north part of the island. Im glad you're doing fine as well, cheers!
  4. @RedzRull Thank you for your kind words! Hoped we would've met back then but its really nice of you that you took your time to say hi. Cheers!
  5. @Sam Hey man! Yeah! I remember you! And yes I was testing it back then hahaha nice to see you and that you remembered me as well!
  6. @teke1338 Ummm... this is in Off Topic, its not an announcement, just saying hi man. Sorry if it bothers you, wasn't my intention!
  7. @Misahky xDDDDD indeed! I saw that when I logged on the other day to talk a bit.
  8. @Blatancy Hahahahaha awesome, its good to see you as well man, hope you're doing well. I've been doing great, enjoying my life at the moment.
  9. @Imi. Hahaha, good to see you! Good old times. You're never gonna leave this place huh?
  10. 20 i win.
  11. Banned Blatancy because It's a me, Icemetal!
  12. Hi Firestorm! Its been a long time. I came back here to the forums just to say hi. A lot of you probably don't know who I am but I used to be Executive GM here and I was a GM for about 2 years. So I'll put a few questons and a few answers here. "Why are you here Icemetal?" Well to be honest, I never said goodbye when I resigned about 1 year and a half ago. It wasn't an easy decision for me because Firestorm used to be a place where I can help out and I had lots of fun here, both as a player and a GM. So I decided to come to the forums today and put a post here to greet everyone. "Are you coming back?" No... more like, not any time soon. Trust me, I have been asked to come back like a million times by Inveric but sometimes you realize you have other important things to attend to and I can't give time to Firestorm because of it. I do miss some things and people here. "What happend? Why did you resign exactly?" Well guys... being a GM for 2 years straight was very tiring. There were times where all I had was problems and never any good news. I really tried to take breaks and try to get back at it but it got to be too much. Apart from that, I also started looking for what I wanted to do for my future. I moved to the US to only find out my future as a musician (singer) was very expensive and I couldn't afford it amd it was a very dissapointing situation for me. I moved back to my country (Dominican Republic) and went back to study in my old university where I first started years ago with dreams of becoming a Doctor. However, I did not go back to studying Medicine and instead opted for a new recently added degree of Biotechnology. I have been studying Biotechnology for a year and a half now and I completely love it! "Who do you miss from Firestorm?" Oh man, lots of people (Even if some I still speak with). To mention a few (I won't mention everyone, so don't be pissed): From GM side: Inveric, Legnax, Ooutah, Bax, Velanor, Kothego, Calamitatum, Latra, Ritsuka and a lot more. From Player side: Noballs, Miochan, Moogle, Sindorai, Clapton, Imbavirus, Cogburn and a lot more. Anyways, I really enjoy seeing that apperantly the server is still moving forward and that it's still as lively as ever. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I wish you all an amazing day. -Icemetal
  13. Marry me
  14. Greetings, It seems that the link provided by GM Moeland is at the moment under a few changes and that is why its not available for you. I advice to understand that we all make mistakes and even GMs as well. If you feel like a GM has been disrespectful, irresponsible or abusing his/her powers, feel free to look at the Staff Roster of the Expansion and look for a higher ranked GM, preferrably a Head GM, Executive GM or the Admin responsible for that Staff Team. In this case, I suggest you send a message to @LegnaX. Note: Admin Legnax is very busy with a lot of other issues so he will not respond as soon as possible. If you send a message please be detailed about the issue and if you can provide evidence, do so. Thank you for understanding and I wish you all a wonderful day. Kind Regards, Executive GM Icemetal