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  1. Quote Mariobit, gm here are so uncooperative; very sad to say this but a simply teleport would be ok if 15 people are waiting for passing a banal wall. It s 2 weeks that our PVE guild (totally pve, 5-6 day /week) have to stop for bugs before imperor or we have to do imperor by lefting alive tectus and brokenspore. we all know u did giants steps, we all know u are all working on a lot of bugs and we very appreciate , be clear this. On the other hand, i can say it s very difficult as a guild boss to manage people who want to raid in a server where doing this is every day more difficult, cause of this we lost a lot of raiding people ?
  2. Maybe pve can be helped by fixing higmaul. Raid Finder don t work at all, so sad cause till 2 months ago it worked and was possible to farm with other people of other guilds. Normal and heroic are bugged too, expecially the second day when we want to continue a lot of people are teleported in wrong zone or things like this. The hard to finish this raid in ashran server is not boss difficulty but the ability to avoid their bugs.
  3. Naaa Isan, u r wrong. Here it s simply allowed to wintrade arenas, stop. They know people we see so high in that list are all windtraders.
  4. Ok , if gm are not taking actions with those people is cause this is allowed, so i think it means everybody can wintrade without conseguences.