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  1. who else got this problem cant go to Argus from Vindicaar becauz no portal active also no faction npces or mission table in vindicaar
  2. hi i have this problem happened to 3 of my alt for some reason after i got to vindicaar and do quests there all of a sudden I can't see portal or npces in vindicaar I tried to delete all quests didn't work I don't know why this happens, but I need it fixed please
  3. any update for that mount now plz reply
  4. seems the web unstucking is not working my character name Wahesh stuck since yesterday i use the web many time times nothing change he is stuck on loading screen after i try to rez when he died
  5. my character named Wahesh is been stuck rezing in gorgrond my load screen freeze i tried to use unstuck in the web didn't work plz need help