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  1. Um, i never use forums idfk how it works!
  2. Well, the point would be to increase convenience. Also, only engineers can use that one, its not that big of a perk, no one gets engineering just for AH in Dalaran, so it wouldn't be that big a deal to let people without engineering get an AH there.
  3. Title: AuctionHouse In Dalaran! Type: Website Description:  Just make that goblin, named Akazamzarak, that stands on that circle thing near the pearl that lets you upgrade artifact weapon into an Auction House. I dont see a down side to this. The server is wow-"LIKE" so it doesn't have to be exactly like retail, you could make it better!! Theres already added npc's that are not in retail, so why not another that is beneficial to the players, and helps with convenience.
  4. Lvling roads are still fun, and when u reach 255 u had extra points left, so no that wasn't the only exclusive reason, it was because it was fun.
  5. So back in work there were tons and tons of lvl 255 leveling roads and they were but loads of fun. I remember always playing them and now they are no more. I've never seen an mop lvl255 lvling road server, and this is a great opportunity to be the first, you could rack in the old timers (not in age but it was a while ago) who played on those lvl 255 lvling road servers. This would be the best thing ever and would really shake up things around here.
  6. Thanks Bro!!