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  1. Salam man ham be un site peygham ferestadam baraye rafe filtering.vali moteasefane hanuz ham hanuze filtere
  2. Hello.I dont know why but fire storm in unreachable on my ip its kind of filtered in my country(IRAN) and the neighbor ones.we should use vpns to connect to the game and the site which is influencing the game by big lags and dissconnectings ! i wanted to beg you to fix it .fire storm is best and my first server which im playing since 2012-2013 when it was pandashan.there was some king of problem in Wod expansion which u fixed it.now we are suffering of it in mop expansion.at least fix it because we are nearly 700 persians in ur server..Can you please talk to developers to fix this problem?Thanks.alot of my friend are out of reach from wow.Especially in arenas its annoying us . dissconnecting and lags.thanks again.please fix this.