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  1. i have done 8 bgs and lost 6 im alliance i call bullshit
  2. its working now for me just be patient, there is a shit tonne of people
  3. i just logged in and my character is at vendors, there are at least 100 people at the vendors. I instantly got dc'd and now i can't connect to the server it's because of how many people i'm assuming
  4. just have to wait
  5. no clue
  6. is taran'zhu down? It says people are online on the website but it doesn't let me connect to the server.
  7. i merged my old account but my characters were all gone, idk why but i had to restart again ):
  8. unfortunately you can't dude, happened to me. You can merge your old account with this one but the characters all will be gone because they switched servers and had a limited amount of time for people to transfer. It sucks i had about 8 lvl 90's.
  9. On retail there used to be unlocked flight paths as you reached a certain level, same with pandashan. Since the last past or the one before you have to walk all the way again, that's how it is on retail now too. I agree with the post but they can't change it since that's how blizzard implemented it in the patch.
  10. The code is expired and a lot of people didn't get to use it because the website and game was down for like 12 hours? Could you guys put an extension?
  11. As i am typing this inveric is online and not replying.
  12. Also if they come with an excuse such as "we dont have time to get to everyone we have a lot of work to do" yeah thats true but i really doubt you are so busy in 2 days that you can't reply to a BAN APPEAL. The real reason you don't reply is because you don't give a rat's ass about what I have to say because when you ban someone there is no changing your mind because you are stubborn. Believe me I am a very reasonable person but when this shit happens i have to say something, you guys need to get your shit together. And what's more pathetic is that you do this while it's christmas.
  13. What's funnier is they say you can "appeal for your ban on forums" but when you do they never get back to you. If they do they will lock your own post and you can't even see the reply that you got which is what happened to me after 17 hours. also here's my proof of them ignoring me: http://i.imgur.com/iY2Fxs7.jpg If you have time to read a message you can reply, he has read all of which i sent him and still ignores me. Good job.
  14. I have been banned for 3 days and no reply from any GM for my ban appeal. Inveric has read my message and did not reply it literally says "read" in the messages. Just goes to show how corrupt they are. The reason they banned me is even more stupid but i can't "publicly discuss decisions made by staff" which in itself shows how controlling they are. I have been on pandashan since early 2013 and this is how they treat me. Pathetic.