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  1. Title: Sanctions for afk players Type: In-game Description:  We all know how prejudicial is to have 1 afk player in BGs, especially in a 10-player BG, where 1 absent can really make the difference between losing and winning. I've checking the forum and I have found thousands of reports against afkers, but most of them are invalid. Very few reported players are punished (unfortunately, that depends on the GM who attends the report). The reason is that according to the rules, we have to use the in-game tool Report player away to kick that player from BGs. We all know that tool doesn’t work properly. It's been reported on the bug tracker on this post . It's from Sylvanas, but it doesn’t work either in other realms. I just posted in Garrosh also . Worst thing is that afkers know this tool doesn't work and they take advantage of it. They know they are untouchable, you can't report them in-game and you can't report them in forum They know it and the boast about it shamelessly. This has become a serious issue for gaming experience, since BG's nowadays are full of afk players. In a 10-player BG you can easily find 3 players afk after 5-minute game, which make the game experience awful. Lately in Garrosh we have this player, Xmvpxqt who systematically every morning afk for 2-3 hours, every day. He plays at the same time with an Horde called Xmvpxqt and a Alliance called Zeada and leave afk the player who is losing. This counts against Horde and Alliance, because obviously he can't play at the same time with two PJs. This way he farms honor and conquest points anyway. He admitted this to me, and boast about how useless was for me to report me. We all in BG reported him in-game (useless) and afterwards, I report him in forum (equally useless). You can find the post here. I know all of you from all realms know similar players. Therefore, in the meantime the Report player away tool gets fixed, I'd like to suggest that we could report afk players in forum. I know this might be difficult to prove with screenshots, but there are times where it's very obvious, when a player is afking bg after bg and he even admit it on chat. Thanks for reading.