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  1. Hi eveyrone. I've recently stopped playing retail and came back to Firestorm. Was here even before it became Firestorm. When it was Pandashan. But have been playing wow since just before TBC release. Anyway I'm looking for an English, social & relaxed guild. I used to PVP a lot back in the day but got so bored with it I now prefer PVE. I'm Horde of course. None of my characters are Alliance D: Since I'm quite busy I can't join serious raiding/progression guilds. I'd prefer it if the guild I get into would have a Teamspeak/Discord server with people who actively speak in them. I know if may be a lot to ask for but I don't want to be in one of those guilds where you're just another number in the guild. Whether your guild is small or whatever size, if it's sociable and friendly and basically what I'm looking for I'd love to join.
  2. 6/10
  3. That grammar...omg. Please rather type in your native language. Google translate isn't that good for making long posts, nor full sentences
  4. Pretty sure there was one in Orgrimmar too. If so then there should be one in Stormwind too (if you're alliance).
  5. Nice. Thanks bud
  6. Unfortunately yes. I already tried clicking no but you have to choose an option for the numbers
  7. I can't edit it. I'll ask Alan the mod. Thanks bud Please could you also add a 0 option?
  8. Hey everyone. I was just interested if any of you have ever bought a character from the Firestorm shop. And if so how many of you. This is just for my own curiosity. And others if they're interested in knowing too. EDIT: I've tried making this into a poll but I keep getting an error. So if you can please just say whether you bought one/more or not.
  9. There should be a vendor there that you can buy previous known recipes for about 1,000g. Don't know if the item works though. Probably not
  10. Yeah Just waiting now....
  11. I got the quest lol but don't have the tp to moonglade spell Or did they remove it in Legion? Ok just checked. No you still get at level 14. Just I don't have it. Will make a ticket.
  12. Yes. The same currency they are now.
  13. Bumpity bump
  14. But at a cost. Every time he would stop time he would get just a little bit smaller. Would you believe he was once a giant?