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  1. But how will I do that? if there are no quests inside this Portal? Btw, everytime i try to enter the portal, i have to re-open the game in order to be able to enter this new place. Dunno if you'll understand me, I hope so.
  2. Since I cant edit again my post, I will write another: Forgot to say that sometimes it shows up that... green ball loading thing...? Showing me that the game is still downloading some stuff, you know what I mean? Seriously, I NEED help. Is anybody else facing the same problem??
  3. Hello! So I finaly started playing WoW-WoD and I made a worgenin. Thing is: I cant complete the first quest! The Something's Amiss one. It doesnt shows up the "?" symbol above Prince Liam Greymane's head. What should I do? Dont want to be stuck in any quest. Edit: And right after I log in, in the message board appears this message: "You were disconnected from Battle.net" or something (my first language is not English).