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  1. They should fix shit before they bring something new in. No follow through. They are aware of the problem but they don't do anything to fix it, so instead they give us another bugged shit storm. and wait for us to get pissy about it then they give us a new patch
  2. Hello, i successfully copied a character from MoP to WoD on one account, but my other account says i have no characters on it, and i have merged this 2nd account to my 2nd WoD account. How do i get my characters back?
  3. yea i merged, and i have no issues on my other acc i merged
  4. i logged into my pandashan and my chars are gone????!!!
  5. When can we copy chars from pandashan to WoD, and visa versa
  6. Hey can someone help me? i try to log onto WoD through the firestorm launcher and i log onto a char and it loads to 90% and stops responding and it says HTTP 3 error. whats that mean?
  7. Im unfrozen, thank you.
  8. hey when i try to log onto WoD with the firestorm launcher my char loads about 90% and doesnt respond and it says HTTP 3 error whats that mean?
  9. lol i didnt mean to double post. how do i delete it? and do you have any estimates on how long it will take and do i have to stay on that character till they come and help? or can i play another char till then?
  10. nvm found it thank you
  11. how do i do that?
  12. Hello my chars name is Gladiatous and im stunned from my ban and idk how to make a ticket please help
  13. im on the Grommash server in WoD
  14. Can a GM come and unfreeze me please? i just got unbanned today. my char name is Gladiatous
  15. Can a GM come and unfreeze me please? i just got unbanned today. my char name is Gladiatous