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  1. I'm waiting for Legion Transmog Sets on shop
  2. You said that in BFA you'd sell Legion's sets in shop, but it doesnt. And why the fuck people that did'nt got Mage Tower appearances have it???
  3. The Legion's sets of gear will be available on BFA Shop? Like the normal/heroic/mythic transmogs of Nighthold, TOS and Antorus, or the PvP Elite sets.
  4. When Xylem use Mirror Image, if you don't rush to him you get oneshot, but in retail it does not happen, in retail you take something like 15% Hp. With DH it's easier but still hard and broken. Please, fix it.
  5. Dark Iron Dwarves and Mag'har Orc will be available to play?
  6. 7.3.5

    Did not for me, stills 0-3 FPS
  7. 7.3.5

    If i do, 0-2 FPS will stop? Before that, my pc was W7 but the game crashes with W7, so im using W10 Pro now 64bit, i downloaded the Minimal Clientes cause i already have the 7.1.5 full, if i download Full 7.3.5... It will stop ye?
  8. 7.3.5

    I use Windows 10 Pro (64 bit) and Legion is working with 0-3 FPS after the update to 7.3.5 ??? Can anyone help me
  9. Why some tanks have so much HP on PvP instance and some don't? Prot paladins have so much HP and prot warriors DONT HAVE NOTHING, prot warriors is so nerfed or bugged. You have to fix they HP!
  10. But i did'nt incresed the visibility...
  11. Yes but here is 30%, i can print that
  12. I did sell my character of Sylvanas today, i was put him 1000 Firestorm Points and i received just 550, why? I know that has a 30% discont but it is 45%... Where is my points???
  13. When do you will fix the visual bug in Rain From Above (male dh honor talent)?
  14. +1 We all want, give us! Like a democracy.