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  1. pvp is unplayable on a competitive standpoint
  2. is 3v3 top 7 .. etc for each server or for both servers?
  3. titles for 2s/3s?
  4. whats wrong with shamans
  5. what about boomkin haste
  6. jaja larva
  7. Is there an ETA on 7.1.5? How long will it take to release give or take?
  8. going to need dh/healers for EN DH's currently at like 350k+ dps with 840-850 single target
  9. 3nd
  10. world quests

    we need smart demon hunters
  11. Hey, Curious if im the only one, but I know the kill credits for both Vintner Liastrin and Grand Vitner Valiana work But- the barrels do not work, If you right click them it does a cast but I do not get any credit for any of them, Also the Haunted Vines are not spawned aswell. Anyone else have the same problem?
  12. i am
  13. great video
  14. no, they are pve focused, there will not be any pvp content until 7.1.5, appx 4-10 months time (no sarcasm).