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  1. Where are they . We need that Dinomancers. Just kidding about mounts , we need real stuff like rep farming or mats for professions and simmilar stuff. Why i can't find any Zandalari Warbringer or Zandalari Scouter's on their spawm area. Please put them back in , how can i stick my guild together without that stuff , am broke man ...
  2. Title: Shop suggestion Type: Website Description:  Hello there , i was quite thinking about one option in shop system. It's about transfering character from one account to another , it can cost like 200/300 loyalty points . It can be nice because most of players who wanna play on this server don't have 90lvl char and i wanna transfer one of mine to friend acc so he can play with me and that will populate server slightly . Or most of players have 2 or 3 accounts and wan't all characters merged on one account , so he need to enter every day to collect loyalty just to transfer character. It won't make a problem with Boris if you attach Boris free 90 level character to IP instead to account , anyways , you still need 300 loyalty to transfer Boris free 90lv character so that won't make a problem. Some people say most of players will try to cheat like on selling one character , who is stupid enough to trust unknown players .. It can help alot with new players problem bcz no1 want to gear up Boris 90lv char if new player don't have gold , or can't winn in BG / Arena bcz 550 ilvl players .. Populate server , it's easy , mmmm 😇
  3. It can be nice with your own chars if you want to transfer from one acc to another. You don't need to sell it , you can give it to your best friend
  4. Can you make some options in shop like.. We can transfer some characters from one account to another cause most of people play on 2,3 accs and want all characters on one . Or , some players wanna trade some of characters with friend who just start with playing WoW on this server , it can help on populating server and same .. Make it to cost loyalty points , like 400 points or whatever ..
  5. @dubzord i can with recommended settings for legion, but it's makes much biggers lags in game
  6. Installed on pc , i search for easy solution , not buyin anythi ng , because it's expansive here , i disable lag reducer and it's just make it worst
  7. Here you go , there's some informations about my PC and settings in game , so you can tell me what to do.. 1) 2GB RAM 32bit system , Intel Core2 Duo.. 2) All on minimum 3) All off except Lag reducer ( it's reduce lag for real ) 4) Disabled 5) My MS and Framerate .. I try everything , but it's not helping , any good tips??
  8. Ty all for help @madeofsun how to reduce Distance View outside of game , i think my only problems are objects in distance , but il'l make and upload ad video here
  9. Hello people , it's me again . . I started to play Legion like 5days ago , but i have some lagg in game , now it's a problem there cuzz am PvP player ofc , and there is no chance to play it like this.. I have 32bit windows 7 core2(dual) 2GB ram and 256 H-D , got all settings on low except (Reduce input lag) it's enabled , i close all programs when playing legion , and maximize wow.Exe performance on windows task manager.. Still lag , can some1 help me to play this expansion , cuzz ppl told me it's ppossible to play it od this settings with no problem.. Am waiting , and don't answer with "get better pc" cuz am from Bosnia 😂😂😂😂
  10. Hello guys , my name is Lazy ( don't take it 4real) , am playin' on MoP expansion since old Pandashan Malevolent Season .. Now i decide to play Legion , and am laggin' in game , it's not really big lag , but i can't play like that Got 2GB Ram , 32bit , windows 7 , all settings are on low , except Visuals , new character models and "lag" thing enabled and am still downloading game , any tips to make it perfect to play , except buying new pc 😂😂😂😂
  11. First of all , sry why i didn't put this in (bug tracker) and let's on problem : 1) "The Tillers" Ok , quests are bugged so we can't get exalted via them , another plan was to mark "the tillers" with star and go scenarios , that's bugged tho , so please fix that 2) "The Lorewalkers" As you know , some players want to be exalted with Lorewalkers and to do that we need to find some scrolls in Pandaria , problem start when i come to place where i need to open scroll , but , there is no scroll , so because that we can't get exalted. 3) "Zandalari Warbringer" Fixx Spawn time and spawn place of them , it's 15min respawn and 2much people need them for loot 4) "DK Runeforge" Death Knight's runeforge is missing , so we can't set it on our weapon . 5) "Timeless Isle" If i don't have any1 in party with me i can't loot mobs drop , which i need for quests and profession ... Sry for bad english , and sry bcz i don't put in any photos on mug , bud many people know that's missing and you know it Fix it for us , it will be wery nice , have a nice rest of day