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  1. i belive thats cause of paragon traits
  2. change spec click on altar then change spec back and click altar
  3. u should check survival hunter mongoose bite,deals reduced dmg,even to 0% armored guys
  4. its jus bug,dont bother with it,aslong its not affecting the class mechanics its not that "big" issue
  5. graymanes are bad mostly but the ones whos doin arenas,are good
  6. Yeah alliance bg is kinda very frustating,everytime u try to carry but they just go mindless pvp tunnel vision,and as for bgs,theres always for example wsg bg and alliance have 0 healer,horde have 4 ;D
  7. we both have point,i wont mind if they enable it,its just gonna be long que specially for horde side,my english is not flawless aswell,but hey you speak english as spanish,so dude u earned a respect from me
  8. thats exactly why av will last long,cuz people like you going into mindless pvp mode and go for kill and then in the end ending lose,gainin nothing just a few honor kill,not to mention av and isle takes 80 players total,and if theres another av or isle,then its doubled,so think a bit,the queue will be longer as you discard the bg itself,and as i stated most of people doesnt know how to do that.If they gonna enable the av or isle,its gonna be bugged,take look at deepwind gorge bg,where the gold cart is bugged since 1-2 years,just imagine how unplayable av or isle would be,pst:i like pvp more than pve
  9. yes discard while the newbies or people who have no idea of it,just queing bg and takin all people from starting a decent normal bgs,and take look at the jajas,try av or isle with them
  10. no we dont,it would take much players from other bgs to start,not to mention the people who just mindless pvp,which would make the av or isle to last long
  11. preparing for bfa
  12. try get other spec hidden skin,and u can unlock your frost dk hiddenskin,atleast u can get hidden skin,while warlocks cant get any
  13. The idea is good but i think then the arenas would die out aswell,but surely i'd give it a shot
  14. réanimation morbide

    mostly pet based specialazations have the same bug,make macro /petfollow,and macro bind /petattack into your abilities,this helps a lot for me,but i know its annoying to do it
  15. warlock

    im not sad,dont worry i play what i like and having fun rather than fotm class roller i dont mind if my class get nerfed i still play it ;D