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  1. Welcome
  2. Just download our launcher here and it'll download the expansion you'll like.
  3. Feel free to come and help the developers out if you think its that easy, developing and maintaining a server isn't easy at all. Everyone should be atleast happy that we're trying to provide a stable server that everyone can enjoy. Wether its PvP or PvE, developing takes time and during that time the quality will rise.
  4. Banned Freal for being too handsome.
  5. The TBC server is currently at its early stage, a lot of people are testing the server out but might not stay so its difficult to know how much GM's they'll need. I guess within a few weeks a thread will appear regarding their recruitment.
  6. Welcome
  7. Hello Folks, A few of you will recognize me or a bell will rinkle when they'll read my name because I used to be a former Executive GM here and creator of an old mac client for WOD. After focusing a while on some personal stuff and my new job as an Art Director, I finally found the spare time again to dedicate some time into private servers. If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot them towards me. See you ingame, Duploc
  8. I would recommend to play, you will never find any kind of pirate server or private server who's fully coded and scripted as it should be. Here and there are a few things that don't work, just report those at the bugtracker and you'll find it being fixed in the next changelog. It's that simple. I used to play on the MoP realms and I never find it disturbing when a few things didn't work, after a while you know how to react on those things and you'll find another way to achieve your goals. Good luck