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  1. you did have all hots on you, soul of the forest and stonebark, 1.1mil is fine, 2mil is only because of power of the archdruid
  2. i agree on that, power of the archdruid is completely broken and needs to get looked into
  3. ~40k out of pvp actually, also hi poonxo, i was the monk cm on warlords idk if you remember me
  4. I could always be wrong, but what im seeing doesnt look like a bug. There are probably other ways resto could be buggy
  5. This is actually quite easy to achieve with the proper talent build, thing is its not a constant 30% hp heal. When you combine each of the druids heal over times on the target, which increase healing by % depending on mastery (resto can have up to 6 hots ticking at once), add soul of the forest talent, increasing regrowth heal by 200% and make that a crit you could heal for over 1mil out of dampening. You could also add stonebark (+20% heal over time healing, yes regrowths initial cast counts as a HoT) The problem now is, "40% per a heal at 60% damp" first its less than 35%, second, its not PER HEAL its 1 heal every 30 seconds due to swiftmend cd, you could take prosperity which gives you a 2nd swiftmend and reduces cd by 3 seconds, but you'd lose out on cenarion ward. So stop overexaggerating everything, yes every class has its bugs, but its not that major. And healers are meant to be op in 2s, 2s are always a shitshow. Pvpers should relax
  6. Glad you took your time to explain, this is what the server needed. Keep up the great work!
  7. Rogue has it lol, its the goblin with the <Archivist> under his name
  8. Curently legions herbalism doesn't work, some herbs are spawned in Va'Sharah for an example, but they don't have loot added. Just give it a week or two and we'll probably see more fixes to proffesions and mats
  9. Dont have any other good SS's of mine atm
  10. 1. Hearthstone 2. LoL
  11. *cough*showoff*cough*