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  1. Dear Devs, GMs, and Administrators We all know there has been issues with the launcher, so you tell us try run as administrator the two Wow exes and do ipconfig /flushdns, but still, we have this wow error (http://US-cdn.fstorm.cc/wow/cdns: World of Warcraft was not able to connect to the network data source.) Now i did my homework, why we cann't connect maybe is our configuration, so i did Diagnosis, about this URL, it came this sorry if is in spanish the picture. (it says that my pc is well configured, but, the resource (us-cdn.fstorm.cc) is not responding But why i did this in one of your posts in Facebook France, you said something about Dns propagation, and i searched about this, and this came "When you update the nameservers for a domain, it may take up to 24-72 hours for the change to take effect. This period is called DNS propagation. In other words, it is a period of time ISP (Internet service provider) nodes across the world take to update their caches with the new DNS information of your domain. Due to DNS caches of different levels, after the nameservers change, some of your visitors might still be directed to your old server for some time, whereas others can see the website from the new server shortly after the change." So right now i know you as Devs can do nothing about it, but you should prevent us about this, and not doing the update of the nameservers the same time of Boris, or upgrades Best regards
  2. Good day I want to know, if in this realm, as the retall one, you have increased the number of chars per account to 12, since in WoD, the max number of chars was 11. Thank you
  3. disappeared

    Thanks you fixed quickly, i've al my items back, and also the ones in fourth stage
  4. Hello, i´ve noticed sinced tanaan jungle went out, all the crafted items disappeared, of our bank even our slots, so please fix that, the items like 630 ilvl, to 685 ilvl
  5. I do have, my demon hunter, and well i did the quest line in draenor for, the garrison, but when i pick "a gronnling problem", and have to kill those mops, they dissapear, but when i abandon the quest, the mops appear again, so if i want to build my garrison, i have to finish this questline, so there is a way to fix it, in the future? Pd. I know about class order halls, but these halls are for all people, for each class obviously, but if i want to be alone doing my things i can do it in my garrison Pd 2: It is only a question, if is necessary i will post this in technical support or bug tracker, but well, i belive devs are busy right now correcting bugs, in legion isles, and trying to open new zones, so this is only a question. Thank you
  6. You guys don't know, right now firestorm has only 1 zone open of 5 zones, second, the retail, has made 2 achivements, the first one is for riding faster in legion (groun-mounts), in it was implemented, but, for flying, there is going to be implemented in patch 7.2, so don't think that firestorm will soon allow flying in broken islands, and in my own opinion, is more fun going in the broken islands by foot than flying.
  7. About error you should put a ticket in technichal support, about the amount given of loyalty points in legion, is few because loyalty points are given by different reasons, you cant see those reasons in the first posts about loyalty points, so if you want again your 16 points, you cant still login in your wod expantion chars and claim for those points and jane will give you, your 16 points
  8. Ingame shop doesn't work, but legion shop works, in the web, and for spending in legion, you cant buy mounts, or copy another char for previous expantions, there are too many things to buy with loyalty points, and so you cant buy, equipment for transmog.
  9. Sorry Wraen how to use artifact lord to get to the second floor please tell me And thank you for your time for responding