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  1. Hello and welcome to the TRED Guild post! Were a new guild here on Pandashan (most from a old guild called Angry inc.) that decided to make a new guild Were looking for Raiders (and socials are always welcomed) to do progress from MSV to SoO start to finnish We have raidcall and a shivtr site We are focused on having a friendly enviourment and lots of social people in this guild!
  2. Doesnt it still drop for low lvl'd? when i help my friends through dungeons they tend to get a few 100's of justice
  3. nah its bugged sitting at 9k nodes ive herbed still nothing...
  4. well in my opinion it would be wise to take the option to buy the content that is no longer available down (as in buying mining and herbing) since the proffesions has been bugged and been a pay to get gold way since 20 ghost iron sells for 600 used to be 250 max before This option... i think its wrong to have a thing get bugged and sell it when its something like this... gear i understand (to an extend) gold i understand... cosmectic items i understand... but proffesions is content to do which better the community the more that does proffesions the more buzzeling the AH is the better prices also the more ppl doing proffesions the more grinding out in the world meaning more people online... over the last year ive noticed less and less going in and taking my grinding spot... you might think thats good... yay more gold... but its not fun it used to be frequent pvp action and sometimes giant horde v ally battles which was amazing fun... not anymore over 8 hours of grinding i meet 2-3 and they just leave when they see me... yay i earn gold cap everyday... isnt it fun? idc about the money since i waste it all on BS stuff anyway since its so easy to get... the server seems less alive than a year ago... maybe people have gotten tired of pandashan IDK but what i do know is the last month the amount of people in the world has declined ALOT and prices for ores/herbs/leather has sky rocketed...
  5. So i was browsing the shop today while downloading the Firestorm launcher for my crappy laptop (my main pc died due to power surge in my house) and found out that their selling professions for MoP now... isnt it abit odd they start to sell it around the same time gathering professions gets bugged for some odd reason? like ive herbed around 7k khadgars whiskers and life root (not exaggerated ive been doing it for hours on end) and gained nothing even tho their green ive looked everywhere online for some herbs i can herb which are yellow but im stuck here 20 points away from sun grass... Started herbing on another char doesnt help there either gets stuck at khadgars whisker and sungrass.... same with mining i got stuck at 585 and cant progress further and therefor never will achieve Trillium mining (one again ive mined around 2kghost iron and put it up on auction as it is a good way to make gold (better if i could mine the trillium i pass each time) I just find it odd things to happend reletively close to eachother... Or i might be forgetfull and this was on the Pandashan store but i dont think it was... what are your thoughts on this? im very curious Edit: the 585 bug has been around for some time altho after a few 100's of nodes it seems to unlock itself but not in this case as my paly has mined a few k's of nodes (as my postal states ive sold 7500 ghost iron ore and smelted even more and made 40 contender sets) but never encountered a bug where it wouldnt lvl me when i wasnt in 500+
  6. +1 this is quite annoying espescially when just normal chat gets blocked and you have to write it again
  7. Dont get me wrong i somewhat agree with whats said but i can explain why these things happend... "pls stop promising alot of things so you make it harder for your selfs and promise few realistic things for your selfs to do in time u promise it" this is the easiest... what attracts more people? SoO or better working ToT? "pls stop listening to Teenagers that has no logic about what to do next on server and use your own comen sens and logic to how you see the server should be .. i trust your judgement more then the small teenagers .." What does the majority of people want regardless of afterthought? new stuff to do... SoO! "pls fix the things thats alrdy on the server insted of scripting new 80% bugged things .. like ToT normal .. just 2 bosses needs fixing Megaera and Lei Shen .. Lei Shen is doing OP dmg pr sec so raid dies pretty fast even with OP healers .." What attracts more people? SoO or working leishen? hmmm i wonder
  8. Problem is if noobs has conquest gear wont matter anymore whats with progression? when i see a geared english talking person (full griv) i think he has a 20% of having a brain if the shop has this its probably going to be lower by quite a considerable amount... why promote skipping content?
  9. You want conquest to be sold in the shop? wait what? thats promoting bad buiness practises i like Firestorm MoP for not being full of Grivious nabs with no skill (still is alot but it would increase the amount by so much since you see people in bgs with 2 pieces of grays and a tyran trink and when you ask them to get some wasteland they say their getting the best gear for them) how is selling conquest honor etc helping this situation? the fact that theres sold instant lvls is bad enough (even tho lvling 1-90 takes 12 hours max with a friend but still) i dont think youre thinking lol if i was a WoTLK user i would plea for the opposite to remove the conquest from WoTLK etc expansions! but this comes down to that firestorm is still 3 diff servers and the ones pandashan/ashran decided to pair up with is ALOT more P2W (well technically P2S but you should get what i mean best pvp gear sold for money is worse than bliss and atm Pandashan has the same if not better paying model) as ive spent quite alot of money on pandashan its NOT been for the incestives like lvl 90 boosts etc its been becaus ive had great fun on Pandashan and really enjoy my time... Donating is just that DONATING its not buying shop items as people think it is...
  10. MoP realms ^^ 80% of the players are pure PvP not instant lvl but can be done in a day (personal best lvling time: 18 hours so far (altho will try and beat it today))
  11. but im nr 2
  12. Non rich Ghost iron gives lvls VERY SLOW but it gives 5 hours=50 lvls
  13. GM please lock and Archieve this thread