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  1. i removed profesion and i still cant learn it OMG KILL ME
  2. Picture telling for all please help i dont want start again
  3. yes help now it work
  4. remove Interface download new from firestorm or repair wow with bizzard luncher
  5. Hello wen i want complete [The Tears of Elune] q so i cant it don t work i cant click on this stone or egg or what it is
  6. Now Q don t work i don t see demons and q on map
  7. Hello i can do quests but i don t see they on map
  8. Hello wen i am going world quest and i kill something so it don t count me and then i cant complete quests
  9. Good day why is so small drop cloth from npc i must kill 50 npc for 2 cloth wtf ? and why is on this place so much boar
  10. [A Taste of Iron] doesn t work.when i use Worldbreaker Side Turrent then it nothing do