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  1. Hi, guys, here a video I appreciate the support ^^
  2. It is 522 set, easy to farm, just get Nalak or these kinda bosses
  3. Its not to force ppl, but ok.
  4. I think you're quite right, I support u.
  5. 0 originality with the name and logo
  6. For that reason it is advisable to only Top
  7. Recount Fix Greetings! As many know when to use Recount to report this is buggy because the chat server has a filter / setting that only allows a certain number of messages for a while, by that very fact leave this version of the recount edited by my. (Previously it had already climbed one but was with a few mistakes this runs completely without a fault.) Click here to download
  8. Greetings, People recount can download this report either. (A bit slow due to bug chat.) I was doing work hours: D To report should use the macro: /Recount report main raid ( /Recount report main Officer / Guild /Say) PSD: I recommend keep Top 5/3 because it is a little what it takes to be published and would be best not to spam DPS off / Heal off Macro to report Top 5: / Recount report lines 5 Link:!AssmkKya!55zuc10gLkwr1eIXeQ7AkifdAdjYr4Q047Lrc6Qemas Excuse my English, I am translating, and I speak Spanish :D