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  1. since patch 5.2 there are 3 types of porcupine. The blue one in Kun-lai summit is called Gumi
  2. the pig in kun-lai summit works
  3. I had opened about 90 lootbox in total and later 40+ lootbox never get a mount or a aura.I think they lowed the rate than before.However loyalty points are useless so i dont regret to buy so many lootbox. By the way, GM closed my ticket and say they did not forget my christmas event 3rd place reward---2 lootbox.But nothing happened and there is no response to my new ticket for almost a month.Sometimes they just fake, such as fake update in wod realm.
  4. I had thought there may be mount reindeer so i opened 41 lootbox.Only get 2 same mount grove warden and 5 auras(only green fire not so bad,no wings, no tryout auras).The rate you get cool mount and auras seems not high. And you cant use apperance and auras at same time
  5. I dont know why i did not recive lootbox. my bag is not full.I am not trolling,i pointed out this problem once gm say they give me 2 lootbox.At that time they say it is maybe because system delay.But almost 20 hours later i still not find my lootbox.Actualy i bought 41 lootbox from website shop, they all work fine and no delay, i dont know what is the cause i cant recive event lootbox
  6. Cosmetic appearance really not worth.Most of them are each race with christmas gear,non of them are cool.About auras,green fire not too bad,but others does not seems good.And you cant use aura and appearance at same time. Maybe it is because all auras and appearances i got from christmas lootbox are not rare so they not seems cool
  7. I had open about 40 christmas lootbox. I get 2 Reins of Grove Warden ,several toy endothermic-blaster and Winter veil disguise kit,two companison and appearance and several aura.That's all. So i think the only mount we can get from the lootbox is Reins of grove warden, But it is character-only. I really regret to open so many lootbox.By the way, christmas event GM say they give me 2 lootbox but i never see it in my bag and this thing is just over
  8. The reindeer you got from box is not a really mount that can be found in mount collection? So the reindeer is only a Mount-Transmog.
  9. Same problem here.I opened two box and it say i got a christmas orc(M) and elf(F) but nothing happeed to my collection.
  10. winter of veil daily quest [you are a mean one] is bugged for days. and there is no lootable object around christmas tree.what does your in game event mean?
  11. It is stupid to enablee cross realm BG and Arena. It is unfair to Sylvanas and make no sence. If enough PVPers play in this realm, there is no need to cross relam with Sylvanas. If not, what does a new realm with no enough player to queue Arena and BG make sence? Thus just let PVPers get all thing once login to let them have fun in their PVP realm. Enable cross realm will make Greymane dead as WOD tournament realm.Most People play there aim to farm some account-wide things
  12. I got the mount the day before yesterday.boss no drop,WQ reward it
  13. I played since pandashan,time really flies
  14. The point is it works as account-wide before,but now firestorm specially made it character-only.And they do not change the description
  15. Same problem with you, Firestorm stuff specially made a lot of account-wide mount to character-bound for money.They become mad to earn money now