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  1. roads near karabor temple seprate the area to 2 rect. pathrunner is just in the second rect(bottom rect) and near left road
  2. near the road to temple of karabor.
  3. 进不去团队副本可能是因为1、你不在团队中 2、有些团本英雄模式需要打穿普通模式才能进 3、有些团本有BUG没开放(如黑翼之巢),火源和魔古山宝库都是可以刷的 这服国人较少,大多都在china和the forbidden City两个公会
  5. You guys never know You need to talk to The giant to activate this raid?
  6. Even in last Christmas You cant get it.Actually They nerfed lootbox last time.You can only get it in other realm When Christmas
  7. There should be mechanism prevent Trial character exploit account-bound stuff. However,Billizard only have Trial account mechanism so i dont know if Firestorm can implement it.
  8. You find a truth.When they start Greymane,i know this realm wont be populated.Now player in this realm is 1/10 of Sylvanas.I think once 7.35 is out,Greymane will be closed. The reason is Greymane is PVP but with partial PVE content.That means You can only pvp all The time.Even if you fuck a Milf day and night You will be boring. Why not move PVP zone teleport to Sylvanas such as Gurubashi and High mountain darbul ?There are Jeane and cosmetic already so Sylvanas is not 100% billizard like. Teleport is right in PVP zone center so PVPers can farm there. If You are elite pvpers i dont think You will stuck with low rated player. For those who dont want to level or just want try Firestorm, Trial character is a good idea. if You are loyal to Firestorm(such as won certain arena every day) your character will get more Trial days even upgrade it to normal character, if not Trial days are reduced. You can only have one Trial character at same can donate to upgrade it . I dont think someone will use it to exploit characters because it is even harder than level one.Trial character can not trade and email so You wont benifit from multibox a Trial character.
  9. I found this because sometimes there is no LFR eye near map, but the game system message still tell me info about LFR
  10. there is a bug in LFR. if you queue LFR ,and later you change map(such as use heartstone or enter dungeon).You will visually auto leave LFR(The eye near map disapear), But actually you are still in the queque, so when LFR is ready, you wont see ready check popup window but actually posses a position.That's why sometimes there always be someone troll.I didnt queque LFR monthes, so idont know if this bug still exist or just i am wrong .
  11. thanks for sharing
  12. I only got 2 pets and 600 lp,But lp are gone. Whenever they host a event, they should test bug and potential exploit first. What a mess eggache event.
  13. They are low rate except nalak,Rukhmar 。
  14. since patch 5.2 there are 3 types of porcupine. The blue one in Kun-lai summit is called Gumi
  15. the pig in kun-lai summit works