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  1. Title: Professions [Garrosh] Type: In-game Description:  I will make a suggestion to change profession rates from 1x to x2 or even x2.5 , since this is a x5 server it would be nice to have at least a little boost on the professions , nothing too much as I feel x5 would be too easy.
  2. Is it possible that Garrosh no longer has any developers? I haven't seen any improvments to the server or even those "fix 1 thing , break 4 other things" recently. Tryck is no longer the dev so only person left is Zhel , is it possible that he isn't working on this realm anymore either? There are bugs that have been here for so long that I don't remember how it is to play without them...Specially some pvp bugs which don't get fixed cus PvP isn't important to the QA team so I understand that but there are stuff that also affect PvE , also I can't seem to find any bugtracker answers lately (and there are 23 000 reports btw). Would love to get more informed on this.
  3. Do those servers accept transfers from our MoP garrosh realm to theirs?
  4. Get more people to work on MoP PvP. Last update on MoP was worked on for very long and it was "a PvP update" (according to devs) and go ahead and look how many battleground fixes there was. Get more QA members that do PvP so they can let the dev know of the problems and for once , start fixing it.
  5. hahahahahaha fucking loving this @Enrico, I found this old discussion and I can see how you were protecting your huntard class how it's working good etc. and just recently hunters got their pets attack power nerfed by 30% , that's what you get , when there is 75% of the server telling you there is something wrong with a class then it's most likely that SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THE CLASS , so next time don't say "It's not broken" , just say "I don't know what the fk am I doing so we can't fix it , give me more time" , or log in as some other class and do bgs vs BM hunter infested horde and let me see you then. Well I'm guessing you can't anymore because now it's working normally. Perhaps one day firestorm decides to get good QA members and we can finally get some stuff done.
  6. Title: MoP PvP Type: In-game Description:  Hello , I've been playing on firestorm for around 5 years I believe and I have one crazy idea. How about we do some pvp fixing that is actually going to make pvp better Since you guys dedicate at least 95% of the time (and no , I am not exaggerating) fixing PvE , how about you spend 1 year fixing pvp? (even tho it wouldn't take that long to fix it) That would include fixing bgs , class spells (which would also benefit PvE) and arenas. Also you could rename the realm to Jurassic Park as that would be more appropriate name for it due to how popular BM hunters are (totally not cus they are brokenly overpowered) and also that might attract you some jurassic park fans to play on your server so it would be really benefitial! Here is why you should rename it to Jurassic park ^-^
  7. Well what do you think? They haven't done anything about hunters in over a year now so what makes you think they will fix them now? Least that they could do is rename the server to Jurassic park. They shouldn't just fix hunters , they should really take a look at every other aspect of PvP as there is soooo many bugs that they don't give a shit about because 90% of the QA team is PvE (I've been in it , I know). But hey , you should know that PVP EXISTS. There is the proof. We can only hope that devs will notice it and maybe do something about it ^-^
  8. Greetings , I am playing on this server for very long time , I have even been part of the QA team so I know how they work and what part of the game they focus on. I am here because I want to remind all of the MoP QA team that PvP exists. I am guessing that you don't know what it is so let me try to sumarise it for you. PvP (or Player vs Player) is when there is a real player fighting another real player. It can be a duel , battleground , arena , world PvP. PvP is going through lots of bad things lately and I am here to talk about it and make a few suggestions. There are lots of players that are doing PvP so you shouldn't just ignore it like this , there is lots of bad stuff going on in PvP right now To name a few most irritating ones: - You sometimes fall through world after being feared or disoriented - Sometimes people get this "immune" bug and they can't be stunned (specially annoying in arenas as it happends there as well) - Random battleground crashes - BM huntards Lately there is lots of these random battleground crashes and it is super annoying (I can provide you crash logs if needed) and something has to be done about it , if there was something in PvE that causes crashes you guys would be right on it in matter of seconds , so please show some respect for the PvP part of the game and fix our stuff as well. Fear/disorient and then you fall through world has been here for so long that I can't even remember when was it not bugged...It probably worked properly during the days of pandashan or something Immune bug should finally get more attention as well as I have alredy provided the developer with all the info that he should need , including getting him the player with that bug. To end the post here , I just want to say that PvP is a big part of our community and you guys should take it more seriously , taking some tiny breaks from fixing PvE and actually fixing some PvP stuff won't kill you , I'm sure of it , I remember when I was part of QA that I had to beg and cry to get some PvP fixes and I had to wait for over a month (that was at the point when PvP didn't get any fixes done in over 6 months AT LEAST) and what did I get? 1 and half week and then "We gotta work on PvE again". Just because you don't play PvP doesn't mean it shouldn't get fixed. I will provide you with crash reports (if needed) so feel free to PM me on forum. Have a nice day.