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  1. update, by selecting random Burning Crusade Dungeon it works! but the Lich King dungeons are not working.
  2. every single dungeon, it's bug.
  3. I can't join a random group using the group finder tool (pressing the "I" on the keyboard. It says all the time: "INTERNAL LFG ERROR" please help me fix this issue. thank you
  4. I was trying to do it from Monster Cataclysm to BFA no wonder, thanks for the input.
  5. I recently join Firestorm and I love it (planing to stay) and also tried to migrate my other toons from Monster WoW where I got them all the way equipped, but my request has been denied 2 times and I don't know why. Please if any GM's or mod's that can help me I will be gratefully appreciated