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  1. CALL TO ARMS! Greeting champions! The Saturday March 28 9PM will see a new war starting, and you're invited to attack your enemies with players from all regions! Will you join the call? Will you become a hero? Let's find out! What happened? The story say a new island appeared. It was hidden at the north east of the pandaria since 10,000 years But since a few days, that island became visible again ! The Gmatyurs hid a powerful secret here, a secret who could be the key of an infinite power ! Now both factions are ready to fight for it. The war is coming.. Progress Each faction will have a round. When it will be the alliance turn, the alliance players will be grouped together by the staff of their language (example : French players will be grouped by the French staff). There will be 5 groups (International, French, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese/Brazilian) Then, after 30 min, each group will attack Orgrimmar. The players will have to find a boss hidden in the city, and defeat him the as fast as possible, but be carefull.. He's overpowered! When it will be the horde turn, it will be basically the same with Stormwind. If the first attack is too long, the second attack may be delayed to the next saturday at same hour. Conditions of participation -Have a character on the Garrosh expansion. -Be level 90. -Be prepared to fight to the glory!.. Or to the death ! Rules -No flame/insult. -No mount. -No double account. -No cheating. What else? Well well, you want to know what you would win in this war, right? Let's say you'll gain a fantastic mount and a glorious title you have never seen before! ... What? It's not enough? Fine! The quickest faction will also gain golds and Fs points! Now we hope to see you, Champion!