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  1. Hello, many of you have problem with ElvUi addon that changes whole wow... if u use elvui u get stuck on loading screen...If u want to use ElvUi u have to go to character screen and addons tab. uncheck elvui and elvui config... you have to uncheck both elvui options. than log in game... when u are in game just type into chat this /enableaddons. loading screen appears. After loading screen finishes u can enjoy ElvUi again
  2. Hello I have a question. How does it look with warlock questline Codex of Xerath. I did first quest An unusual Tome. That one sent me to warlock trainer in OG . I got quest item "Legacy of the masters" and warlock trainer trainer let me finish this quest. I should get another quest but I didnt. Any advice?? there should be two more quests but I didnt get any. Any help?? or idea how to do this??
  3. grrreat.. thx for help
  4. OK so... I am on Skype with my friend and he guess what happened... he made Firestorm account and merged his pandashan account... guess what... he has same problem with login into the game as I do.... non merged pandashan account work and merged accounts dont.... come on Firestorm... two months of waiting for this???
  5. Hello again... soo.... I am waiting pretty long time and noone answers... I tried to login my accounts... and guess what.... My Firestorm merged accounts dont work... non merged accounts work with no problems... I merged my acc Hanzn2 and Narua with different emails.... And theese two merged accounts dont work... other nonmerged accounts work 100% So is there any member of staff who will help me or not??? I donated this server and accounts where I donated dont work now... how fair is that???? This is what I get when I want to login my merged account....
  6. ok once again... I used email n...@seznam.cz to create my first account on pandashan and accounts name is Hanzn than I needed/wanted another account so I used n...@gmail.com and named account Hanzn2 ... when I created my Firestorm account I used n...@seznam.cz email and merged hanzn account...when I used n...@gmail.com to make another firestorm account and wanted to merge hanzn2 account I couldnt couse webpage says Hanzn2 is already merged... and last thing is this... it doesnt matter which email I use when I want to log in Firestorm launcher... if I use seznam.cz or gmail.com and push Play button WoW opens and I am able to login only Hanzn account with both emails in firestorm launcher... so it is like this.. I open firestorm launcher and login with n...@seznam.cz ... tab opens... I click Play and wow opens... I am able to login Hanzn account.. if I open firestorm launcher and use n...@gmail.com account and than click play... wow opens and I am able to login hanzn account... every email I use for firestorm launcher it lets me login only one account and it is Hanzn ... I am not able to login Hanzn2 account in any case.... And here comes worries... I have five accounts on pandashan with full lvl geared toons... I have more like ten toons with lvl 90 and grev gear... well not all of them are fully grev but 4 maybe five toons are full grev and other toons have tyranical + grev gear... and some low levels... And yes I tried to login via wow. exe... same thing... I am able to login only Hanzn account...
  7. yeah sure... I would love to but web page says my Hanzn2 account is already merged... But I merged just Hanzn account not Hanzn2 and now I cant login Hanzn2 account... where can I see what accounts are merged??? when I login my web profile on firestorm web page is there some site where I can see my merged accounts??
  8. Hello I have serious problem... web page says that my Account is merged but I cant login into that acc ingame... Lets explain this... I made Firestorm Account nem........@se.....cz and I merged my Ashran account and pandashan account Hanzn but my old pandashan account Hanzn2 was made with that email and now here is the thing... I log in Firestorm account in launcher... when I try to connect with Hanzn account everything works.. well I have some ingame errors but first thing first... problem is I can get only on acc hanzn but when I try to log in my Hanzn2 account I cant connect to it... can anybody help me??? I have 5 Pandashan accounts and I dont need to loose them... help me someone please... Hanzn2 is my main... and now I cant log in that acc...