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  1. Key Key Key KEYYYYYY give me
  2. How many time left in "inprogress" ?:D
  3. Old content working at 50% SoO not opened and wod largest last raid is not opened tellme why i chck here all forum writed gm this old content working i loged in and chck it but not working why tell me why lied this ? I like yoir working in the legion content but need ppl on old ckntent fix ? I know legion content is a first prioryte ! But i think i not hate this server but trulytruly outrages a little bugs Good work Fstorm staffs keep it up +1 respect
  4. Ahh damn my number is #6 and now is disable migratiom i hope available soon i change my pally to lock or my dk(migrated char)
  5. Just angry all ppl why dont w8 a release just take a time the fixed 3 new zone items etc . This wow script is so hafder thank Old Vanilla ,BC,WotLK script ....JUSt w8 and chck end of video SOON ------>
  6. U are changed class? Me too i change belf pally to LFdrenai and not get heritage armore ....
  7. Quest is available i think but not working me
  8. Just go back broken shore and quest is complete i think
  9. Hy all ! Yesterday i see any monk get body guadr in game !I will not rested pulled up my alt monk to 100-110lvl and i tested it . This function half working on this class(Monk) just monk!?! I test it again my main paladin and put in my new(7.3.5 legion champion whit quest ) body guard and not working why tell me why?i dont talking monk bodyguard working oon 100% all area only a Monk class hall no 100% working he is just following me and stand on my face (joke). Any devs or another gms answered this question?
  10. Hy all and dear GMs/Dev's Tell me any one why too low dps a ret paladin .My ilvl850 35% Crit 25% Haste 25%Mastery and full cd one targeted dps is only 220k max AoE dps full cd 3-5 target 600k + dps tell me what is a problem? Any hunter (Boris fresh new character) BM hunter ilvl 819 he dps is 250k + tell me why? My Stats is not bad i think another ret paladin stats is same (Retail WoW head) Firestorm armory : My char: Retail ret paladins top paladin dps :Надеко
  11. Hy all pls tell me where chcking my points to get legendary and how many left a first legendary?
  12. How get a content reward point?whats this system? Bro Fist ✊
  13. HBD GGWP Bro Fist ✊
  14. Okay but why need more information a legendarys drop chance %? Same drop in a retail drop chance? Need more info!
  15. Thx your answer and one more question legendary items is getable? One legendary item is droped a rare mob lootable drop chance 0.07% and Fstorm drop rate is 3x = 0.07%x3=0.21% drop chance or not? Just 3 x rate, 1x drop rate? Bro Fist ✊