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  1. Greetings GM's i have reinstalled a new OS. Win7 64x and when i tried to launch wow it gives me an Error for the net framework anyway i updated it to 4.5 and after that wow worked but i just log in and this strange error comes out and kicking me out of the game?? Please help me to solve this problem Thanks in Advance Sincerely Joe
  2. lol Blizzy this is plate not cloth but it looks like cloth
  3. OMG 4 Gms & 1 Developer replied back to me i'm lucky B$%$^ard Thank you
  4. Welcome to Firestorm :D
  5. Welcome to Firestorm :D
  6. Welcome and i like the way u wrote ( spending most of my time dying in bgs and insulting people in stormwind ) that part made my day Thank you :) :D
  7. Well hello there this is me Dalras i love wow more than anything else ( joking ) i'm kinda new in here my real name is Joe i'm 31 ( too OLD ) i know and i'm from M.E