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  1. Hello, Peluche! First, sorry for my english and my questions. I want to ask, when devs will pay attention to PvP in Dalaran? Me and my friends play there from the beginning. The first reason why I'm here is because I thought Wintergrasp battle it worked well. Now comes the moment in which I was disappointed, only first battle for the day work fine, after this all walls, towers, and most of the quests givers and vendors are gone. That's mean, if i want to play good battle and get gear or weekly quest i need to wake up at 6-7 a.m. after server restart. Its a WotLK server so i think you can find fix for this problem. Next thing is the difference in the gear between the two realms (Pandaria and Dalaran) we do not have any chance against Pandaria ppl, they have last seasons gear, shadowmourne and etc... So we have deadly gladiator gear vendors, but we need rise our arena rate to get it, with this gear that we have, cant win one battle. You can read and this topics too. Thank you in advance!