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  1. Title: Bloodwoven mask Type: Shop Description:  http://www.wowhead.com/item=14263/bloodwoven-mask need add this item to shop
  2. tipical gladiator thread and discuss Kappa Here we are discussing the fact that a person is somehow que in double healer + dh - it`s bug -> bugabuse -> need w8 gms or administration staff for punishment
  3. I don`t know what to say before you watching... May be -> no used bugs or cheats. avg MMR: 2.1k++ edited: 1 day record: 1 day
  4. fml... no comments...
  5. why yo question about carrypotter ? Keepo
  6. he broke his pc
  7. left wow - sad
  8. ??? i play no with carrypotter
  9. Hi everybody ... I don`t know where to start. Basically nobody knows me, but may have seen on arenas. In this regard, is a current problem with mates. I`m lf: Rogue: sub/know how to use "arena frames"/playing RM,rmp,rmd/not be retard :3 Priest: sp/dp,know how to use "arena frames", playing rmp, not be retard :3 About me: frost mage with 2.4k AT(3s), moviemaker(one of my projects - Marm movie). I don`t know what else to tell you about myself - I`ll say that it isn`t a child and I don`t cry on losses :3 About my interface and etc.
  10. hmm.... 1k gaming
  11. LFG

    Grommash ? Where ppl use deff ability when he have full dr ? Okay dude \ Kappa /
  12. he playing hpala + frost mage - retard comp on retail ^^
  13. on AT this problem is solved in 2 hours after the report - said he is given a rating similar as his partner - should give different ratings +
  14. dude he loot with 2.2k mmr 96 rating watch history pls -.- on retail yo can`t loot 96 when your rating more that 1500