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  1. P.S i found this report are you sure elitez is not your toon since time and date is quite accurate of when you got banned and this is the only report that was validated on that day.
  2. how many characters you had on that acc ???? and what are their names
  3. first of all go here http://us.forum.firestorm-servers.com/index.php?/forum/162-archive-sylvanas/ and check if you can find a character that belongs to that acc. if Yes you can see exectly what for you got banned. IF no you bought this acc iligally and previous owner was reported and finally acc got suspended. Also there is ban appeal section in forum in case you dissagree with the ban but you need to give solid proof that you are innocent.
  4. Critical strike has no effect on http://www.wowhead.com/spell=59057/rime it has 45% chance to proc. before today according to frost dk cm it was 90% so no more bug abuse for you
  5. just download the files from this thread and you will be able to play no matter from where you downloaded game
  6. There is link on firestorm forum where you download 30 mb file and put it in your wow folder and can play on fs even if you download from retail
  7. as soon as he goes below 30% health he starts casting http://www.wowhead.com/spell=72350/fury-of-frostmourne which is 2.6 sec cast how is that more then 10 sec ???
  8. actualy 25man hc requires some hear because you have like 5-10 sec to burst him down from around 35% which is almot 100m hp i doubt you can do hc with freshly 110
  9. Recently i see many reports about Gunpowder charge. So just to clarify things out people who say it is from quest are totally wrong the original way to obtain these recipes is to buy them in Dalaran underbelley. Wowhead link for you haters http://www.wowhead.com/item=132510/gunpowder-charge#taught-by-item .Before making reports like these: Do your research about how exactly the item is obtained. Using engineering is not against the rules. P.S all recipes are broken this way you can learn instantly max rank even if you don't have the previous ranks or don't even know how to craft that item. Same goes for every profession just so it happens that engineering has the most use of it.
  10. It seems you are mistaking cataclysm with Wotlk that is why you think that quests flight masters and npc are missing because cataclysm had more quests more flight masters etc. I personally did all elwyn forest westfall redridge mountain duskwood quests. Currently working on stranglethorn valley.
  11. maybe you used ah back then also as i mentioned in post above gryphons in goldshire was added on cataclysm before talking at least fin out if it suppose to be there in first place. P.S do not use wowhead for wotlk realm information is incorrect in most cases
  12. the flight master in goldshire was added only on cataclysm. as far as quests goes goldshire has all the quests it suppose to have as previously mentioned also i personaly completed a lot of quests because i am aiming for loremaster achievement and i can tell you all elwyn forest quests are there
  13. there is simple way to bypass this save all your offensive cds for after he does his second spirits calling phase and then just burst him down as fast as you can if you do it correctly you won't go to the this phase. As a dh you should have no problem to do so if you do then please do community a favor and delete your dh
  14. the problem might be that it takes you way too long to load the platform so you start falling as soon as you are ported.Or maybe it is the ice around you that is not loading fast enough and if you are not in the ice you obviously start falling.
  15. well man patience or no patience shit like this gets frustrating couldn't do en normal with guild because whole evening server was lagging.(yes it was server sided lag had around 50ms 50-60 fps whole time things outside wow not lagging at all) and now i can't even log in on my main acc i can log in on other account with no issues. Char list on other acc loads inta while on my main even aftr waiting 10 mins it is still not loading.