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  1. No... and We'll pass on the shenanigans even if your's are cute <3
  2. I got a warlock I need to level... third!
  3. We strive to be Bliz like when it comes to our content so if it was implemented in retail its more then likely to be implemented here.
  4. @Sordnay Thank You for helping other players with this issue very awesome of you!
  5. This is correct nothing from PTR is saved. PTR is a copy of the BFA server and is for Testing only Nothing gets saved into the Main BFA server. As far as content goes. We release content as if you where playing on blizzard so next patch will 8.1 and then 8.2 so what ever is on 8.2 will not be available until we fully release 8.2
  6. depends on where you downloaded the game client. If you got it from our website it should be fine. when you download the game from our site then it will automatically set the realm list. (I have done a little research on changing the server IP and they seem to have hard coded it into the game it self? not 100% sure about that. But best bet is to download our launcher and download BFA threw it. Then you simply enter your email and password and you should be good to go.
  7. Greetings psypt There can be several reasons behind this. Most of them being client side. I will give you some steps you can try to resolve this issue. First try exiting out of wow and deleting your cache folder (this is a pretty standards step to do in a lot of problem solving issues Cache simply stores data sent to you by the server and some times data can be corrupted and things get stuck where they should not be) Next Step is to Remove any addons you might be using if this works start adding them back one by one til you find what is causing the issue. if that dosn't work try moving your interface folder and WTF folder to your desktop and delete your cache again and Log back on and check. If none of these things work you can try editing your graphics settings and set them down lower and see if that helps. If none of those work I would suggest try re-downloading The Game from our website. Hope one of those works for you Good Luck Regards Jarome.
  8. Greetings MohamedXIII We Strive to be Bliz like. to that end we are following the same releases/content as blizzard. So to answer your question yes I belie that it should be available once the patch is released.