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  1. Greetings community, I hope everyone has been doing well, I'm making this post as an explanation to all of you as to why i have been absent from the forums and the game, Thing is since late June due to my computer stopped to work entirely and i use a phone that really drops its battery quickly so i can't really stay on it for as long as i would want which leads me to not being able to be on discord/ come to the forums for long periods of time, Now some people would say " Well just get another PC / Phone" but i can not do this as my economic situation is really bad at the moment, Anyways that is the reason as to why you have not seen me around lately, I managed to come today and can see the battery going down as i type, Hopefully i can manage to come back again and try to moderate again since i really do miss this, Take care everyone until i return again. Regards, Forum moderator Titan.
  2. I can not do something about this since administrators are the ones that decide what goes or not into the shop or shop prices so its up to them to change all this things
  3. Greetings @Aelorion if you need edits on the information of your posts please let me know so that i can help you with it. Regards, Forum moderator Titan.
  4. Greetings SenryCZE, We have already posted couple solutions on how to solve this issue so it would not hurt to look around the forums, I will move this to declined since this is not a suggestion, Have a nice day. Regards, Forum moderator Titan.
  5. Buenas Saxmuel2641, Por favor postea sobre esto en el foro español o si deseas volver a formular tu post aqui por favor hazlo en inglès. Saludos, Forum moderator Titan.
  6. Greetings Exetrex, please check this post Regards, Forum moderator Titan.
  7. Greetings Belrend, Things is that people have found a way to lower their character prices by equipping low ilvl gear so that it gets sold faster so it could be that or the armory is still showing the visual bug where it shows the wrong ilvl of gear equipped. Regards, Forum moderator Titan.
  8. Greetings Tsuu, Yes this is not the right place so if you wish to see an item added to the shop or make a suggestion for things in-game please go to the suggestions section and follow the format over there. Regards, Forum moderator Titan.
  9. Affliction is the class that does the most damage in this patch so is naturally that there will differences and just a side a note, The max traits are not 35 but 54 i think so keep leveling that weapon for more damage
  10. Greetings Planethunter, Since it includes a quest chain no it is not obtainable so if you want it you will have to get it from the shop. Regards, Forum moderator Titan.
  11. Greetings guys, In Draenor sadly you do not level with quests but rather killing mobs untill 100, Try asking around in-game where are the spots where people get to 100. Regards, Forum moderator Titan.
  12. Greetings Golden, If you have spells missing from your spellbook please open a ticket so that a gm can help you with those but for spells not working correctly please report them at the bugtracker so that developers can take a look at it and fix them. Regards, Forum moderator Titan.
  13. Greetings again No.Wolf, There is no need to bump a suggestion, Once its done administrators will take a look at them and be considered. Regards, Forum moderator Titan.
  14. I thought they were introduced in 7.2 so thanks for letting us know about it