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  1. No i have tried lootboxes from the shop but nothing:( @deatshop can u plz explain a bit more and maybe a bit more clear? thanks:)
  2. This item [Spaulders of Vile Determination] drops in Argus from greater invasion points and 2 bosses but Argus is not available on this server yet! funny thing is that i have seen this item on some dks... ofcourse i asked them but no answers...i mean is it a bug?, maybe drops from a another raid or dungeon aswell ; i havent done lots of dungeons and raids.i also asked a gm named Watershield i think, which he replied "no1 has this item and have a good day / night" and he closed the conversation so i'm attaching this screenshot for him to see it. omg i'm so mad and so curious i really want to know how does this item drops. would be so happy if some1 tells me how it drops and from where. thanks in advance:)