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  1. I agree with this, its a fun item and there really isn't a good reason NOT to add it.
  2. Agreed. There are many things that could be added, including shields.
  3. The site has some decent items, im not going to deny that, but im sure a lot of people will agree with me when i say that there are so many other pieces that you could normally get ingame, but cant because of a bugged boss, door, or other mechanic not working properly. I think it would be a wonderful idea to add Individual items from the game to the site, making unobtainable items obtainable once more. you would simply type in the name of the item you desire, and then purchase it. For example, one item i would like to see on the site are the Shadowstep Striders from Arcatraz Heroic, but its bugged so i cant get it....
  4. The glaves are the real deal...
  5. here is My rogue...
  6. just because you say its not true doesn't mean it isnt.... It very well may be true.
  7. i think its because they are trying too hard to promote WOD. they drew too much attention and now blizzard is investigating.
  8. from my understanding firestorm is under investigation by Blizzard and may not be coming back.