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  1. So I asked myself why there aren´t Challenge Modes available yet and a GM told me, that the Dungeons aren´t fully fixed yet. So I asked myself why not adding the Challenge Mode Sets for a highly price to the Shop? That way the Server gets some more money, the Set is still pretty rare and we solved the ''problem'' of not getting them now. Tell me what you guys think about that.
  2. I´m here since beginning of 5.0.5 and probably one of the first 100-200 Players back then on Elegon, Pandashan. Was alot fun since then to now, and I hope that´ll continue
  3. That might be true, I don´t remember that anymore but right now the problem is atleast for me that I don´t rlly have partners for 2s/3s but on Rassharom I would, also I could play with more people. And I´m sure other people got the same Problem, + I´m sure 3s would work way better since you just got more options.
  4. I didn´t knew that I can que with people from Rassharom while I´m playing on Taran'zhu. Ofc there´s a cross-realm but maybe on TZ there isn´t a lock I can play with but on Rassharom there is (for example, thats what´s my problem.). Even tho there was the discussion about making the Rewards of Arenas back as a 2v2 Reward and not 3v3, I think way more people would que 3v3 again, because you can make way more Comps.
  5. What about merging Rassharom and Taran'zhu into 1 Realm? I don´t know about Rassharom but Taran'zhu is pretty much dead there´s nothing going on, and people are leaving because you can´t que anymore, no one is queing. It´s in the middle of the Day and there are 0 ''High Rated'' Teams queing and only 6 ''Low Rated'' Teams. http://imgur.com/qzKFKke - http://imgur.com/0HSH8w5 If you would merge the two Realms we would have more Players for 2v2 Arenas, 3v3 Arenas, Rated Battlegrounds, Raids etc. Some people left because of Legion, it just came out etc. I do know that but many people also left because you can´t do PvP anymore. Please write your thoughts about this into the Comments, I would really like to know what you guys think about this because all the People I asked would love to do this.
  6. So you like to wait 30minutes for 1 3v3 Arena where you play vs Spanish 1.2k Gladiators where it´s a 10second arena, and then keep going? Getting high rated that way is pretty much taking alot more Skill than queing 2s into decent/good players. You´re right, highfive.
  7. I think 80% of the Players don´t even noticed that Titles are given in 3s only now. If they would we would get so many 3s ques. Also how do you want to make it as real as possible when here are way too many major bugs. This server is not retail and will never be, because it´s a private server. So why trying to make it that way when 90% of the player base WANT to play 2s and if they wont get rewarded for that they just leave. I´m sure you guys want money, get 2s rewards back, People will come back and spend more money in here, so this server can stay.
  8. I dont like any of them, Rown, Tim or Akuyama but I must agree. This server lost so many people+when I que 3s it takes me about 10-30minutes for getting a que and then that are just some spanish people where it´s a 1minute game and then I got to wait again because they stop queing. In 2s I can que whole day 24/7 with a que time of idk max 3minutes. And the games can take easily up to 10minutes so I agree with all 3 of them, give titles in 2s.
  9. Damn would be so great if they will add it again, maybe my 2s Partner is happy then
  10. I only played on retail on wotlk maybe a bit cata times, so I can´t say by myself it´s a bug. But since it was a big discussion on another server too, I asked some frost mages who mained frost on 5.4 times and went then on a p-server because they don´t like WoD but that´s another thing, what I want to tell you is that they all said ring took maybe about 50k dmg before it breaks. Mhm, Vexx is getting ppl down to 50-40% hp, I´m sure your opponents don´t have 100k hp. He´s just abusing it (and he´s already known as an abuser), so in my opinion Vexx should get permanently banned, maybe he will learn from that then. But it´s not my decision just an opinion. Oh and it´s supposed to break from every kind of Damage, no matter if AoE or DoT until the breaking point is reached.