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  1. Hi! I´m looking for an RP guild on Sethraliss. Faction doesn´t matter really I can play both.
  2. Hello, I mainly play on Sethraliss and when I made a character on Greymane I noticed I had all the mounts I collected on Sethraliss. However it seems like it doesn´t work the other way around cause I got two mounts on Greymane upon login and I can´t use them on Sethraliss. Is it supposed to be like this or is it just a bug? Hope this makes sense and thank you.
  3. RAF

    Nice thanks for the help! Just wondering if my friend I sent a RAF to will have to create a new account or if he can use the one he already has?
  4. RAF

    Hi! I´m wondering if it´s possible atm to recruit a friend on Sethraliss, and if so how? I found a guide but it seems like it´s for legion if I´m not mistaken.
  5. Hello! I´m looking for a english speaking guild on Horde. Recently got to lvl 120 on my DH and interested in both PVE and PVP.
  6. Hi! Has anyone been able to do the quest "The forlorn soul" in Nazmir? The quest mob doesn´t seem to spawn.