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  1. 2bad barely anyone will ever understand this (independently from the language)
  2. Did you just assume my gender and sexual orientation?
  3. yall still alive @Edgie where did you go from Discord?! And no fam.. The Love Crew is the best now, sorry, you can join it if you want...
  4. Wow you're not gonna believe it, but I was literally just thinking about those times when you were still here too yday.. I was even checking some old stuff too Well I don't really know what to say, I'm glad that you're enjoying what you're studying :> Damn, I really miss those times and people despite the cringe and stuff we went through sometimes ahahaha Be back on MoP someday! I'm here 'till the server's up anyways
  5. I marked 2 comments for you with likes! ^^
  6. Wow, good to see how much effort you guys put in this discussion I hope you're actually enjoying this. But you still know that Firestorm is not gonna get taken down by Blizzard? Also about the other servers you're talking about:
  7. They do care. But they will not ruin the game as long as we stick to its rules. x3
  8. Inveric can't RP