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  1. ly Mamamima <3 2bad u became gay and u talk more with carafaggot and his hairy friends, than with nicepplcrew
  2. thanks
  3. Subscribe to pewdiepie
  4. @Cathriaxfucking same
  5. Lol

    Actually, if you think about it, boost has a fixed price But yeah it's good to avoid scams, Also a player who have paid to buy an account would be more likely to be willing to spend more money on Firestorm on that account.. And if they caught u selling your account, it's just you fucked up. I have more friends who have sold their accs and noone knows about it ^^
  6. It only raises from that :llll
  7. What happened to this though It only redirects to FS devs' website and that to Github
  8. This thread is already started tho, it's a few lines under this one: even if "memes" have gone way worse since 2015 October
  9. "Your mom." jokes in 2k18 btw. haHAA edit: try to live a life simulator is fun tho, it looks like you just do stuff that don't require playing a game, and you end up sinking into depression deeper and deeper till you end up sitting on your PC a day straight doing random stuff including playing games those games are mostly Overwatch / The Crew / Cuisine Royale rn / WoW ~twice a year.
  10. Can I play u? OwO
  11. Eurovision winning song inc. Original version:
  12. I guess it wouldn't tell much @Shanee since I just changed the character from Horde to Alliance :l But I think it's like 50-50, but midnight CET times it's ridiculous what they doing...
  13. Rules: 1) You can't hurt and heal leaders of the same faction untill one of the factions gets eliminated. 2) You can only post every 2 hours. 3) You can hurt 1 person, and heal only 1 person in each post. 4) You cannot hurt and heal the same leader. 5) You can only hurt or heal someone from the list below. 6) Everyone starts at 10 points. 7) Whoever gets 0 points is removed. Example: Hurt Garrosh, Heal Thrall: Garrosh: 0, Thrall: 1000000. - Garrosh is out. Do not include him to the list anymore. I WILL UPDATE THE LIST EVERY 2-12 HOURS The List: [HORDE] Garrosh - 10 Thrall - 10 Vol'jin - 10 Baine Bloodhoof - 10 Lady Sylvanas Windrunner - 10 Lor'themar Theron - 10 Trade Prince Gallywix - 10 Ji Firepaw - 10 [ALLIANCE] King Varian Wrynn - 10 Muradin Bronzebeard - 10 Tyrande Whisperwind - 10 Malfurion Stormrage - 10 Gelbin Mekkatronque - 10 Prophet Velen - 10 Genn Greymane - 10 Aysa Cloudsinger - 10 PS.: It's partially copy-pasted from Icemetal's post on .
  14. 2bad barely anyone will ever understand this (independently from the language)
  15. Did you just assume my gender and sexual orientation?
  16. yall still alive @Edgie where did you go from Discord?! And no fam.. The Love Crew is the best now, sorry, you can join it if you want...
  17. Wow you're not gonna believe it, but I was literally just thinking about those times when you were still here too yday.. I was even checking some old stuff too Well I don't really know what to say, I'm glad that you're enjoying what you're studying :> Damn, I really miss those times and people despite the cringe and stuff we went through sometimes ahahaha Be back on MoP someday! I'm here 'till the server's up anyways