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  1. Use the unstuck of website or you teleport out of tanaan jungle. Rejoin tanaan jungle, if you cant, you create a ticket so a gm help you. And you retake te quest,dont log out while you are doing tanaan or you can get stuck there.. Regards.
  2. Speak with the mage Khadgar npc in Blaste Lands and he will complete the quest and he will teleport you to tanaan jungle.
  3. - Create a backup of your wow.exe and wow64.exe (copy both files in other folder so you can restaure it if my suggestion doesnt work). - Delete wow.exe and wow64.exe of your wow folder (dont delete the backup). - Run the launcher and wait that both files are downloaded again. - Try to play now. - Give me a feedback if it worked. PS: If it doesnt work, restaure your wow.exe and wow64.exe.
  4. Dunno why i havet "like" button here, so Thanks you ^^ .
  5. Awesone intro, if its ok for you i will use it in my next videos.
  6. Create a ticket in game so a gm gives you the quest. It got broken i guess.
  7. Hello, I guess i need to tell you that the bugtracker has the same rulers than forum,so you can get the same punishes than in forum. The last times Im seeing too much reports about "no bugs" but differents things... I remember you that the bugtracker is only for reporting bugs. It isnt for giving support, you have a section for it in forum. It isnt for asking questions about your dudes,you have the forum for it. It isnt for arguing with who reported a bug. If you arent agree with him/her, you can click "unlike" icon or you provee that he/she is wrong with formules and provees about it. Never argue in reports please. Reports are only for getting information to fix bugs. It isnt for insulting Devs or others players. Neither for reporting a hacker or exploiter, you have a section for it in forum. Neither for writting "UP" in reports so it get fixed faster. It wont work by the way. Neither for others much things for which is being used the bugtracker now.... Lets go to try that bugtracker is clear of all this type of "reports" so we havent to research bettween 300 reports about "my character is stuck" ,please. Thanks you.
  8. Alliance questline is fixed now and the garrison ford npc is spawned and working again. Everything works good now in both factions. Regards.
  9. Its being investigated...
  10. A hotfix is being appliqued in next restart so alliance can create the garrison with garrison ford npc like before of questline was added,while we fix the questline. Sorry for the inconvenient guys.
  11. I said it in the first post that the questline would be added the monday with the weekly update... Did you follow the steps in the video? Can you be more specific? You take the quest "for the horde" and what you do then? Can you upload any screenshot too please?
  12. Bugtracker please. And here is the alliance video:
  13. I love this type of comments....no info,no details....its buggued.... Be more specific please....What quest is buggued? A partner fixed the alliance one, next monday a little more details-fix will be added for the questline,thanks you for the feedback.
  14. The only way to do this questline is completing tanaan jungle questlines first. If you have done tannan jungle before so you wont can. But i guess that if you try to do this questline and you have a garrison created nowday,maybe you wont get issues with it because it will try to override the old garrison and maybe your garrison get buggued. So i dont recommend you to do the questline if you have a garrison nowdays. You can try it with a new character.
  15. Hello, the questline for creating garrison in horde site will be in lives tomorrow. So i did a video-guide in case someone doesnt know the way to complete it. In alliance site it was added the last week. In last quest you have to be dismounted or it wont complete. Regards.