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  1. Hello, yes, the id of the currency have to be negative by the item column. To your 1st question, i dont remember well I think it was groupid, if you put to all items group id 1 and 0% drop chance, it will always drop one random item from the loot.
  2. Yo, wrong section tho (ill move it to general :D). Which Mounts do you want to farm? just legion mounts? The rat mount is possible to get.
  3. Warum Falscher Realm? Bin für MoP, WoD und Legion.
  4. Schön zusehen dass es noch aktive Deutsche hier gibt!
  5. Hello, this issue will be fixed with the next Update Package. Anyways, if you find bugs, please report them here: https://firestorm-servers.com/en/report/index instead here in the Forum.
  6. Hi, Hearts told me the Quest should be fixed after the next server crash/restart.
  7. update

    I will look into this.
  8. Currency's can be added with a negative value. example: http://www.wowhead.com/object=252452/glimmering-treasure-chest#contains-currency DELETE FROM `gameobject_loot_template` WHERE `entry`='252452' AND `item`='-1220'; INSERT INTO `gameobject_loot_template` (`entry`,`item`,`ChanceOrQuestChance`,`lootmode`,`groupid`,`mincountOrRef`,`maxcount`,`itemBonuses`) VALUES ('252452','-1220','41','1','0','785','785','');
  9. My Life right now
  10. "There is a limit of 50.000 golds. (up to 200.000 for legion but golds are transfered, not copied.)"
  11. Ofcourse the Developer Team will try their best to kill all bugs Here cant you see the latest fixes: http://us.forum.firestorm-servers.com/index.php?/forum/414-legion/
  12. Our Mists of Pandaria Realms are cross faction, that means you can stay with your friends in a group or raid for doings Dungeons and Raids together.
  13. Atm only Sovak/Kavos for Core and Hearts for DB.
  14. https://firestorm-servers.com/us/shop/item/26547