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  1. No, they thought that is better to let everyone chase eggs for 8 hours and wasting The Easter day in game instead of doing anything else IRL
  2. So Firestorm made an event with rewards for easter and they let all ppl farm many hours without doing anything else and what do they do? Just delete what ppl do all day long because they did a mistake and or something like this for some loyalty points that are kinda usless. Good job for the Easter Event Firestorm!
  3. stream

    Rip Legos
  4. France i presume, the latency Is quite good for me from italy.
  5. It drops but has a very low drop chance, keep farming bro gl
  6. Yes you can! The option is in shop>select realm>manage your characters and u will have copy:Sylvanas option. First char u can copy it for free. Good luck
  7. and the proof?
  8. Try to do a ping test in cmd with the command '' ping -t '' to see if any packages are lost during comunication betwin u and the server and if u get many packages with request timeout try also to do in cmd a traceroute with the command ''tracert '' to see in what steps the problem is. Good luck
  9. The items needed for Thunderfury quest are obtainable from Molten Core and the quest is somewhere in silitus,but u also need some Enchanted bars that i don't remember how u can get them maybe with alchemy or mining, as for mining they had a low chance to drop while mining minerals in bwl tho.. and bwl is not opened in legion realm try to see if the enchanted bars can be made in some other way. Cheers and good luck getting ur Thunderfury
  10. We just got a new Lich King
  11. I think they broke some rules by using Wpe tools in this case afk bots that join battlegrounds to farm honor and make the pvp a mess for those Who really play. I already made a suggestion bellow to make the anti-cheat system more aggressive and to auto-kick this Kind of players. Hope pvp will emprove in future, but now in almost battleground i see an afk player and we have to carry them as doing 5 Man premade
  12. All players should take this game as warcraft not friendcraft, i'm totaly against it and its no point in doing such things on legion realm, population Is high, almost instant queue in battlegrounds. Legion Its already bad for pvp as expansion in pve server.. world pvp Is almost dead because most ppl have pvp turned off on this server but once in a while you can fight with some players in world that keep pvp on. If you make friendcraft server this things will be over. If this was such a great ideea don't u think blizzard would already have it in in game? Instead blizz added the mercenary mode for those few ppl Who don't care about the faction. Years ago i left from a server and came here with all My friends because they added cross-faction thing. Just don't do this with legion realm. Cheers
  13. There is no aditional add-on needed for that feature Yellawolf, it just need to be set a bit more agressive, i can provide some evidence from a server who is using this in auto mode and it detects any program that interacts with wow.exe, but i will not post it here unless an admin is interested and wants to see it.
  14. Cross faction is a bad ideea, this game is and should always be horde vs alliance. I know on blizz they made mercenary mode and almost nobody use it.Regarding ur sugestion it was requested before and declined:
  15. The spells from WB work well tweek, but the most important thing that players are interested in Is the '' loot''. This thing should be fixed asap because nobody Is doing the boss for quest reward only