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  1. Hello everyone.I was just wondering if anyone got clue where is pvp going at right now in legion.Ever since release of Legion 7.1.5 i noticed lots of people have left server (pvp) i guess You already know what i mean (DEMO LOCKS WERENT BROKEN NAAAH WTF).We all were hype af for 7.3.5,like you know new season,gear,classes working properly.Now let's take a closer look at "PVP" at legion atm shall we?"I would never play Destro Lock" -Faermornqt.That's just 1 example.People rerolling to RETARDINS,ELE SCUMS,but lets NOT FORGET DESTRO WARLOCKS!!!!!! Jk noone will be able to forget this dissaster!!!!All you can see nowdays in arenas is destro/x (basicly anything).No cd's used no SH eighter kaboom madafaka 1.6/2 mil CHAOS BOLT IN UR FACE.Locks be like "ready or not here i come" without any cds fear/cb/coil/cb bye bye.Like i have read somewhere on forum some crap like "Only reason we hit 10k players online is thx to Boris (wich sux imo) :'(.You dont have any new players (well maybe few who are blind [no offense tho]).But i mean srsly where is pvp going nowdays?Can some1 explain.For instance how can enemy hit u thru pillars?Getting bashed by rdruid thru wall (blade's edge arena) guy was litteraly on other side of wall and he bashes me but wasnt even close to me?(dont say its lag coz im 100% sure its not)SHITS GOING ON CRAZY RIGHT NOW.Please do something about these retarded class bugs.ASAP
  3. Rubbishlordx dont forget u got farmed by my liberty cleave back in tournament wod? Iceisgay/Ntp and me? Or my vanguards Dustti/Random heal/ and me again?,or atleast we didnt ask Sam to wintrade in 2s to get r1 glad LOL
  4. Hey Conor atleast they didnt wintrade with Sam in season 3 wod in 2v2 FOR THAT GLAD LOL!!!! Rubbishlordx
  5. Nope u were 2158 3s in ally wich was about rank 20.So its not high enough boy.
  6. This is bullshit fellas i was 2314 3s on my main mage (Fameq) and horde i was 2.1k+ (rank 3 in horde faction) name Thewaterboy and i get duelist on both of them?Makes no fuking sense. Please take a closer look at this bcs i litteraly saw 2.1k in ally player who just got glad WTF IS THIS SHIT!!!?!?!?!??!?!?
  7. Ye we can farm AP no problemos my muchachos but pvp talents?!?!?!? not really imagine mage (i main it thats why i give it as example) without pvp talents they are lame af theres only retard who would lose vs FM (feral/mage my main 2s comp) if both of us got no talents.Just take it in cosinderation and give us feedback. GREYMANE HYPE!!!
  8. Could be get honor talents if not traits please?
  9. Rip u Ape ^__^
  10. Hello firestorm.I was just wondering when will current "pre-season" end and when is Tournament realm comming for legion lots of us waiting for some info
  11. Still waiting on damn pvp realm <3
  12. Give us pvp realm today please Screw this pve crap
  13. Id like season restart and make it active for 3 months top (as samiwow said),would be great idea!
  14. Heheheheh if u didnt realise my quote there about "its a prank" its ur bad then rip.But it wasnt meant for srs bro Have a nice day/night.
  15. It was sarcasm mate