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  1. maybe not by myself but someone from staff could add a character to my account?
  2. I don't know if this is possible but i'm going to ask it anyway. Im currently away from my home for a couple of months and because of that unable to log-in to the game because the laptop i have with me is unable to run the game. Is there anyway a charactar from boris can be added to my account without me having to log in?
  3. thnx for your replies, i also found out about the group thing. I saw that someone posted about elegon in the bugtracker, so maybe it will be fixed. Fingers crossed.
  4. Are there no other mount fanatics like me that wanna get the elegon mount?
  5. Hello people, i am a big fan of mount farming so that's what i try to do daily/weekly. I wanted to start farming the astral cloud serpent but for some reason i can't get into the mogu'shan vaults dungeon in the legion server. Can someone tell me why this is dungeon is closed and if it will come back? I thought about farming it on my MOP account but that would be much harder and the mount would still not be available on my legion characters.