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  1. Topic locked and archived. No point telling you why, but I'll do it anyways
  2. I wasn't sure I wanted to answer you but I will. Well most of our staff works voluntary (Meaning no real life currency - no $, no €) Donating to this server is what keeps it going, because trust me a WoW private server without donations is a monthly black hole for money. Than again, who are you to judge if its poor job by the devs or not? Can you provide better things? This topic is absolutely pointless. @Rattle we have a user submitted patch section in this forum. Be my guest and give us something less "poor". And without being an administrator here all your calculations are just numbers so please keep them to yourself.
  3. Q2: Enjoy mate and welcome
  4. You can't send mounts over different accounts. Except if its non soul bound item
  5. Well they are helping enough with the Forum as it is. We need some more forum moderators thou. Who will bannhammer all those folks who break our rules in-game if not them
  6. Well we ain't Blizzard that is for sure. So you can't expect our Game Masters to be like theirs. At the end of the day being a blizzard employ is a full time job. Being a Firestorm Game Master is purely out of love for the server(for most of the game masters). Pretty much a Game Master is a moderator in-game, but honestly they are moderating the forums too cuz they are cool peepz and I'm lazy
  7. So let me explain this. They can't help you solve/fix bugs and they have strict rules they must follow. So mostly our Game Masters are like the yellow parrot you see. They all love pirates!
  8. You guys will need to wait some time. As far for your lost items you will get them back eventually by the in-game mail. Just be patient. You'll get your stuff at the end
  9. Welcome to the community!
  10. Character transfers from WoD to Legion are possible. You just need to go to Shop-->click on the WoD realm---> Manage characters-----> Copy to an expansion.
  11. We don't have a Burning Crusade realm anymore.
  12. No your characters will be moved on the new International realm
  13. This is the suggestion section. Topic closed and archived. There is a Technical Support section you can use to request some help
  14. Due to our server merge happening all WoD realms are going off-line. There will be a new realm coming on-line soon
  15. See how he is a class master. I think he is the monk class master