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  1. lel
  2. Nablet PvP'er RP'er
  3. Don't forget The only Guild that has
  4. " Never Give up "
  5. Still 0 BH HC kills lel
  6. vocal mentioned it earlier nablet
  7. Blackshot (Garena) AVA (Garena) WOW Tera Sniper Elite Skyrim COD 2
  8. Played around 4.6K Hours on Firestorm lel
  9. Been here since Elegon was in Like A Boss guild,transferred to WOD now in Prophecy. Probably played here for 3 or more years.
  10. lel
  11. The Legendary Ring lel it's high time we have it now for HFC,it been too long lel and we need it to add some extra Oomph Plus when Legion goes live on Firestorm all PvE guild are going to get hit hard,for the guild to survive it's crucial to look beyond Leader board.
  12. That's reassuring Ty Captain
  13. Well i agree with you in some sort,but there are pressing matters at hand than a PvE Leader board revamp, 1.) Class Fixes 2.) New content 3.) Encouraging players to look beyond PvP. As we all know WOD ain't appealing,but for us PvE guild nonetheless a PvE content is a PvE content.So in my view these trump everything. I would like to add though,a revamp in the Armory section should be more Blizz like if at all it's possible Eg:- The number of raids dungeon one has done (bosses killed etc) it would be more fun to look at that. I do agree with XFaction dung/LFR seems fun