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  1. Can you pls add the command back to add item?? How can we try Raids and test Boss if we dont have the appopriate gear?? Just kick and bann people who was abusing the command and started to delete other players item... Instead of deactivating the command where u can delete other players stuff u just decide to deactivate the whole additem command ................................................................................
  2. What is the Name of this Interface Addon pls?
  3. I agree please fix this fuking Bug. I just crashed again because of a stupid mage who could not loose!!!
  4. After copying the other Character on Warlords of Draenor got deleted or can i still use it?
  5. Horde is not weak 1 month before they were owning us with gear. Now gear is useless cuz new season they loose
  6. Before we get more Honorpoints if we win. Now we only receive 150 Honorpoints for a Battleground its way to less. Increase it pls to 300 or more so those who like to play Arena can start fast and those who like to play BG can stay playing BGs
  7. I wrote it 100 times but nothing happend till yet
  8. Hey GMs pls could you update the strongbox to season 2 gear when we win a BG and pls fix the Korlok Box too and update it also to season 2 gear
  9. Will new pvp gear arrives with the new season too?