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  1. omg... my ex name was Serhij what makes your post looking so.... creepy cause what you wrote means "I miss you" Drama is not good I prefer to avoid it Glad you like it. I guess I am going t write with you soon 'cause as I see you are hunter and I made my first one and I would use some guide (not only on class but how it works in here)
  2. Thank you so much, I am glad you like it haha you got me too bad no one can log in now on realm
  3. ahaha I am waiting for... I hope I won't get too old before it will actually change j/k :3
  4. I am sooooo waiting for it. As much I have seen in trailers made me feel more "wowhungry" (that's why I dropped papers before exams and not studding but relexin playing... I will never pass this semester xD) but trying not to by too much enthusiastic and jumping around happy yet. Just in case of disappointment. BUT as for now it seems pretty good :3 I hope that move will increase amount off players - same as for retain and private servers - 'cause last days it keep dropping... Sadly. There is just huge population jump on new expansion release but next it back to lower number :< What makes me sad 'cause I am in game social animal.
  5. Thank you all! I got some question: 1. is there any nice guild willing to adopt me? I don't really like randoms >.> 2. why my icon is still black
  6. I want to travel in Tardis and join SG1... can I? :D
  7. Thank you all~ I spend some time online already and I am really happy, it's so relaxing, que is never too long and ppl I have already meet are nice. This server is so great solution for me <3
  8. It's so amazing <3 I love this idea, 'cause I can never decide - loving both factions *drops chemistry* Who needs chemistry report when you can be whatever you want in WoW Thank you~ I hope to see you one day in game And I try to be active (depends how hard I have to study)
  9. Oh hi~ I am new here... I don't even made a chara on server yet 'cause I don't know where is the best place for me I am more into PvE. can play both sides and I would love to hear about realms before I choose place to play. More from player point of view then from facts on site. MoP or WoD? Well... what about me... My name is Angela and I am from... Poland. I used to play a bit on retail but I don't remember much so I feel a bit like a newbie~ I just want some stress out place where I can have some fun cause I am overloaded with studies Sometimes I draw stuff but didn't do that for some time Stuff like this: I am not really good in introductions so I guess it would be all for now... Please help me choose And feel free to ask questions if needed. Thanks ~ - Yoru