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  1. when is pvp season/mythic+/raids coming?
  2. 8 rank ones on a server with 11players kid if u was outside you would get fucking done in mate look at that name you nonce. im out stop spamming now
  3. surpised they didnt cast u in the new aladdin mate... Ali Jabber i got that on a t-shirt
  4. wasnt hard to find this duelist hero on live staying smaller than i'd expected imagine getting trapped at 2.4k in 3s whilst getting piloted ft arena self play boost but wait thats not the best part. HE COMES BACK TO FIRESTORM ACTS HARD LOL and screenshots wins when abusing vs people to boost his "rep" im done lads gr8 thread tho
  5. legion servers Warrior: Izigang (only in 2s) Hunter: Apestorm/zull (if with jawn boost) Rogue: 0 good rogues Priest: 0 good priest Shaman: 0 good shams Paladin: Apestorm/xanara Mage: Apestorm/above (maybe) Warlock: Apestorm UA LOCK Monk: Apestorm/rubbishclass/Monkeystorm/ Ratstorm in trainning with crane Druid: magli Demon Hunter: Ratstorm only Death Knight: Apestorm I alt better than kids main
  6. yes u get it about 20seconds after completeing it
  7. are you missing brain cells mate? its a meant to be on average a new lego per week i havent got 1 in 4months bad or good
  8. Lol this is the Kid thats so insecure about how he looks that he has to use this sort of talk as a "Defense mechanism" yet looks like a molerat irl come back when u get a jawline boy nice bonestructure JK stay 4/10 - "bullys" everyone - Zull
  9. What u have to tell your old legos when u get the new crafted ones
  10. You think you can buy us?
  11. = ill just leave this here then shall i i any reason to ban apestorm i guess
  12. Buying old Gladiator Tabard's like Wrathful, Relentless, Furious. There should normaly be a NPC in dalaran where you can buy Cata Elite gear and etc where you could buy Tabards from WotLK seasons. This NPC is on WoD my question is why isnt it on MoP? Buying Old Glad Tabards for 2250 Rating 3v3/5v5.
  13. Kiiwii didnt you wintrade 2s??
  14. It isnt about spamming 2s or so, It's about the player base of the server. 30 mins for 1 3s game.