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  1. I 100% agree with this, due to 30% of hotfixes being broken this would be ALOT more ideal.
  2. Bump
  3. It would be an amazing idea to implement an arena spectator. Because 90% of the time I am sat in PvP zones, doing nothing when I have nothing to do. It would be viable as it would give players that have nothing to do, something to do, on top of that, it'll help GMs witness hackers and we wouldn't have to provide video evidence, due to the fact that 90% of players don't actually report hackers GMs could use this to catch them out. Arena spectators would also give lower-rated players insight on what to do, if that makes sense. It would help them to progress, not by watching me, you can only get worse, but for players that actually know what they're doing and are high rated, yeah. I understand it'll be alot of work to implement this, but it's a good idea, I think personally and would be very beneficial for multiple reasons. Thank you in advance. -Incarnwin.
  4. my iq is equivalent to how much u spam fear, so lets say alot hey, maybe we could even q fls some time, hopefully we dont get farmed as hard;( and tell ur friend 'qizy' to not hex, its literally wasting his time. thx.
  5. i think you've had 2 much salt 2day. cut down the diet fam, lol that's a really good macro hahahahah
  6. yeah, hahahh, we're not all as gullible "guess im the only one who got balls here" while get 8:0d
  7. How's clicking premiditation? xd
  8. Oh, hey Seyo;) You're not salty like this faggot. I was actually being nice until he started being a little bit*h.
  9. Ladies first.
  10. Oh, and learn what ditching means. Thanks. Your realm is literally known for bug-abusers stop being a fucking hypocrite. Literally, Carypotter, Haey, Displayed, the list can go on.
  11. "his team member confess to me" Why do you have to talk out of your fucking ass? Show proof. Thanks for the points. On top of that, no, I'm not new to WoW, I've been playing it longer than you and achieved alot more than you. You literally spam fear, on dr or not. In addition, I was speaking about recount, my bad. But, he didn't spam saving grace mate. You literally tunnel two kicks to try and kick clone. If you're going to do that atleast land the kicks:) I was r1 feral last season without Lilthugz, I was 2.4k without Lilthugz as FMP at the start of the season, remember? So, using excuses like that is pretty retarded smh. I didn't say he abused JUST FLASH OF LIGHT you orphan, jesus christ, can you read? nice binds btw
  12. Maybe because he's a multiglad, on top of that he can actually cast Flash Heal. Basically, I'm saying he can play his class, he isn't a saving grace spammer like 95% of priests here. I see you're just salty cuz u got 8-0d is all good man. He's been here for 2 weeks and you think that he's already found a bug? Nah, I don't think so. And I hope that you're aware shields count towards healing done, don't you? In addition mate, you won't get anywhere with proof of that he's actually abusing something. Take care mates. -Incarnwin.
  13. May I just add, this doesn't apply to ALL GMs, mainly the majority. thx. ~I couldn't edit my topic. -Incarnwin.
  14. So, my friend got banned today, I'm not here to write a ban appeal for him, but what it was over is sheer bs. He gets banned for writing in coloured text, he thought it was okay because it didn't state it in the English forum rules. On top of that he was banned previously and then unbanned and got told he couldn't be banned for it, so he continued writing in coloured text, he then got banned for 15 days. Anyway, as I said, I'm not here to write a ban appeal for him. From what I've seen from countless GMs is the irrationality of them is beyond me. They don't actually comprehend ANYTHING I try to say to them. A gm said to my good ol' friend "I cannot change the ban now." Okay, if you can't change the ban then why the #### do you have Ban Appeals? Seriously? It's useless, especially, repeating myself, when they don't actually have the ability to think rationally. My suggestion is this, when you interview a GM ask him what he would do in a metaphoric scenario. For instance: "So and so has done this, this happened, blablabla. What would you do?" You know, to actually see if they do or don't lack brain-power. If I seriously get banned for speaking / expressing an opinion over this and for actually speaking up, then it just proves my point right. Have a good day. -Incarnwin.