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  1. No it wasn't I used ideal to pay for the vip service so that has nothing to do with it.
  2. it's not only the character purchasing, if i want one item of a transmorg set i need to buy the entire set.... because i can't just add one item from that piece of transmorg set.
  3. I wonder why they let a bug abuser even sell his character, if they knew, they should have removed it.
  4. Title: Warlods of draenor transmorg sets for legion Type: Shop Description:  Hey there. I really want to be able to buy transmorg gear from the expansion pack warlords of draenor for my Legion character(s). I know in armour you can actually buy gear for warlords of draenor but those are mythics items and not the normal items. For example given: you can buy Helm of Imagined Horrors this is the mythic version but you can't buy the normal version of Helm of Imagined Horrors. The gears won't give any advantage being level 110 so why is the warlords of draenor sets not available to us?
  5. you have more than 10 seconds to burst him down to 0.
  6. You should be able to burst him down easily enough, even i am able to do it with my dk who just turned 110 yesterday and i only have 1150k hp.
  7. I can't seem to logon, it stucks on connecting than dces.
  8. What maxxin said ;)